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Top 5 Marble Dining Tables

Marble dining tables, with characteristic of Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern Design styles these are a definitely must-have if you are looking for chic and timeless options. Embellishing the natural textured marble & travertine in various artistic and eye-catching patterns, the design is also a must-go in terms of durability and strength.

Marble has an authentic charm to it that unintentionally brightens up the space while adding a touch of luxe. Creativity and sophistication are foremost when specifying marble. The dining table is an essential part of our homes – whether it’s symbolic of a breakfast bar nook or a completely dedicated space. It could be the major focus or the characteristic element. And since these dining tables are used most of the time – they demand durability and an ‘easy to maintain’ advantage.

What better could we have which provides all three – sophisticated looks, exclusive material, and longevity? Well, Marble, it is! If you have a taste in timeless or ultra-modern look, a marble table is the one you should own. Available in various sizes and colours, these marble dining tables comes in many different options.

From a plethora of design options, depending on your overall interior theme, we present some of the stunning design options that will most likely steal the glances of all your colleagues and guests. As artistic as Barcelona Carrera Dining Table inspired by the mountains of Spain to as subtle and minimalistic as Simple3 Alpi Dining Table, our Marble Dining Tables have proudly proved their uniqueness in style and functionality. 

All the marbles and stones for the tables have been extracted from Italy and Spain. With a high-level of detail and ultimate intricacy, these tables compliment the quality craftsmanship and their utmost distinctive character. It’s time to get that authentic piece of marvel that beautifies your dining room and adds elegance to every inch!

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