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5 Marble dining table ideas for your dining/living room

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Marble dining tables, with characteristic of Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern Design styles these are a definitely must-have if you are looking for chic and timeless options. Embellishing the natural textured marble & travertine in various artistic and eye-catching patterns, the design is also a must-go in terms of durability and strength.

What better could we have which provides all three – sophisticated looks, exclusive material, and longevity? Well, Marble, it is! If you have a taste in timeless or ultra-modern look, a marble table is the one you should own. Available in various sizes and colours, these marble dining tables comes in many different options.

From a plethora of design options, depending on your overall interior theme, we present some of the stunning design options that will most likely steal the glances of all your colleagues and guests. As artistic as Barcelona Dining Table inspired by the mountains of Spain to as subtle and minimalistic as Arte Dining Table, our Marble Dining Tables have proudly proved their uniqueness in style and functionality.

All the marbles and stones for the tables have been extracted from Italy and Spain. With a high-level of detail and ultimate intricacy, these tables compliment the quality craftsmanship and their utmost distinctive character. It’s time to get that authentic piece of marvel that beautifies your dining room and adds elegance to every inch!

1. Arte Marble Dining Table

ARTE dining table has a unique and highly artistic design expression and was designed to be an Art piece as much as a functional dining table.

2. Colonna Marble Dining Table

A monumental masterpiece of unsurpassed grandeur, the Colonna Dining Table exudes a subtle nod to ancient architecture with its majestic marble construction.

3. Stony Marble Dining Table

The ever-luxurious Stony Dining Table is ideal for adding flair to your dining area. Inspired by gorgeous marble blocks in quarries this table design in full stone brings a beautiful and grand statement to any room.

4. Piu Marble Dining Table

The perfect choice for any home. With its minimalistic, timeless design and rounded top this table contributes to both warmth and an exclusive Scandinavian yet mediterranean feel.

5. Stony Oval Marble Dining Table

This captivating table features an oval stone top with two elegant diagonally placed bases providing tactile balance, and sculptural appeal. Inspired by gorgeous marble quarries this table design in full stone brings a beautiful and grand statement to any room. Bring the luxury dining experience to your home with the stunning Stony Oval that lends itself well to any style of interior. Host high dinner parties, enjoy meals and style it with equally beautiful chairs and dinnerware to create an incredible tablescape. The table comes in three pieces to move, carry & assembly it more easily.