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Good to know about Stone and Marble Tables.

Marble is a natural stone which means that each piece is unique and that’s one of many reasons why we all love our natural stones & marbles. At Mawrble we have selectively chosen the finest marbles with the greatest qualities. We work with the most experienced people within each field in order to get the most stunning results for you. Each product is made with expertise and a lot of care and our products is a result of that. 

It can be hard to choose to choose the right marble / stone for you, therefore I’ll share some info about some of my absolutely favourites:

VERDE ALPI is a green marble with beautiful veins. Some pieces have more white in them, some more dark green, some more “dramatic,” shiny parts and veins and some less, this is the beauty of Verde Alpi. Verde Alpi means “green alps” in Italian. This natural stone comes from Italy and really is a piece of beauty with soo much characteristics! It has stronger visual effects with more variation and feel of depth than the others bellow. Verde Alpi works with almost any interior, from Scandinavian minimalistic interiors to more colourful interiors. Even if all pieces are unique, the natural pieces and patterns of this stone, always reminds me of nature and the alps,  you won’t get tired at this marvellous piece of Art. Below you’ll see Barcelona Dining table and Table top of Verde Alpi. 

Emperdor Brown / Brown Marble

Our brown marble is an outstanding marble that provides style and distinction. A marble that is appreciated by architects and interior designers. I love to use it’s beauty to create unique, charming, trendy yet timeless designs. This can easily be combined with other materials in different tones. To achieve a relaxed look I would suggest to combine with other cream tone materials. Bellow you have a beautiful example of beautiful Stony Coffee Table that is beautifully displayed together with T-stone Side table Travertine & Simple3 Side table compared to a more minimalistic Scandinavian design you’ll see in Simple3 Brown marble Coffee table 

Carrera Marble/White, Greyish Marble
A marble Highly valued since ancient times for its extraordinary whiteness, with slight bluish and greyish tones, very soft and with a very fine grain, Bianco Carrara/Carrera marble has been a classier for a long time. Michelangelo sculpted the David statue with Carrera marble. Now, as then, a spectacular look is also guaranteed. I would say It works into any interior and will never get old. Like Michelangelo covered the David statue all in Carrera Marble from top to toe, so do I with some of my designs, scroll to see T-stone side Table in Carrera and other models. 

Marble side tables

T-stone side Table in Carrera

T-stone side table in Carrera & Stony Coffee Table Carrera.  Comes in many colours. 

Stony Dining Table

Here in the stunning Stony Dining table in Carrera Marble. 

Markina / Black marble
The favourite of black marbles, markina, a very black marble with irregular white veins makes this marble appreciated in the most exclusive ambiences as well as the more casual once. Works as beautiful as a dining table as a coffee table. I think It looks absolutely stunning as a stone block or with black matching legs. 

CUBY Coffee table – Designed by Mawrble.  Find more sizes in Mawrbles SHOP. This is 100x60x30cm.

Simple3 Coffee Table – Designed by Mawrble. Black Markina Marble with black table legs

Travertine / Beige, Sand Tones
With its beautiful beige, cream and sandy tones this is a real trend right now. Our Travertine stone tables works beautifully in Scandinavian interiors or for anyone who likes the creamy tones. If you want that earthy, stone feel this is really an option to look at. This stones structure and attributes really contributes to a natural feel. 

Beautiful T-stone side table in Travertine next to CUBY Coffee Table, both Designed by Mawrble. 

Green Marble 

Our green marble is a perfect option if you like a green colour with a more even texture and colour, with less than Verde Alpi, it’s also less expensive. This marble can really give personality to a space with it’s fantastic green colour. Works great to match with both dark and light interiors and objects. In picture bellow you can see two stunning examples in different interiors. 

Hexagon Coffee Table In Green Marble. On the back on each side you find T-Stone Coffee Table. Both models exists in different colours. 


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