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Beauty from the EarthOur design is Marble'ous

Made from the heart of nature and designed with passion to be enjoyed in the most valuable moments with your loved ones.

Story of Mawrble

Founded in 2019, We are a Scandinavian furniture manufacturer based in Barcelona, Spain. Our products are built around the idea that well-designed furniture should be accessible, long lasting, and ship to your door (not to mention beautiful!). We create innovative products that challenge the common convention of furniture and the experience buying it. Mawrble's products are now being sold all over Europe and have been highlighted by interior design firms, architects and private individuals all over the world. Mawrble's designs have had the honour of being exposed in well-known interior design magazines such as the well-known interior magazine 'Bo Bedre' as well as one of Sweden's biggest magazine 'Svd guide' several times.

Meet The FounderLovisa Malmquist Renstig

When it comes to architecture and design, Lovisa has always held a firm passion and fascination for the intricacies that go into every building. Growing up in Stockholm, she always took pleasure and fascination in the buildings and structures around her. With time, this would inspire her to begin studying interior and product design in Florence, Italy – a city truly blessed with some of the most magical and wondrous designs and architectural feats.

After completing her education in product & interior design, Lovisa knew she desperately wanted to get into an architectural field, which inspired her to spend hours manually knocking on the doors of local architectural firms in her search for experience. Going door-to-door in Milan, she was fortunate enough to stumble across a small architectural firm that saw her expertise and passion and hired her as an intern, where she began growing her skills even further.

During her time with this small firm, Lovisa was directly involved with designing new concepts, and participated in a competition hosted by La Casina in collaboration with the world-renowned former architect Le Corbusier. During this event, her teams work saw her place second out of countless entries, which helped propel her career forward, giving her countless new opportunities to work on global projects of unwavering prestige and professionalism.

From designing Korean hotels to pop-up stores in world famous Lafayette in Paris, her experiences have allowed her an unparalleled understanding of the architectural industry. She even participated in the world Exhibition Expo Milano in 2015 and launched her own interior design company in Barcelona – a busy time, for sure.

However, during this time, Lovisa also noticed something new and worrying; it was often incredibly hard to find breathtaking dining table designs. This, coupled with her new work as an interior design expert, inspired her to make a difference; as such, she set out to make a difference and provide some of the most stunning creations, lovingly made from hand-picked marble and stone materials. And so, Mawrble was born, and she’s passionately taken it from strength to strength ever since.